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Bet on sports and win every time

Imagine you could bet on both teams in a match and make a profit every time. This is called sports arbitrage, and turns gambling into a solid investment method. RebelBetting users regularly make a profit of 10 to 20% every month, even beginners. Compare this to other forms of investing, and you’ll understand our happy users.

The secret investment method that lets you profit 10-15% every month

I’m going to tell you how you can bet on sports and profit no matter the outcome of the game. There is a method that effectively turns sports betting into a way of investing your money, with regular profits above 10% per month. Please note that this is not gambling, or a “betting system” that only works until your luck runs out. This is an investment method. After you’ve placed your bets, you are guaranteed a profit. Luck has nothing to do with it. You win every time.

How much money can you make?

Use this calculator to find out! Like most things, it depends on how much time and effort you spend.

  • Number of arbs placed per day in average
    Arbing-days per month
    Average profit per arb
    Estimated hourly profit
    (assuming each arb takes 3 minutes to place in average)

    Your total arb profit per month

The Secret Revealed

The method is called sports arbitrage and has been a well guarded secret for years.

Arbitrage is a well known financial practice of buying low and selling high on two different markets simultaneously, making an instant profit.

Arbitrages can be perfectly applied to sports betting. You “buy and sell” odds and the markets are two competing bookmakers. The trick with sports arbitrage is to bet on all outcomes of a game, betting on both teams to win. If the two bookmakers have sufficiently high odds, you will be guaranteed a profit no matter who wins the game. These profitable arbitrage situations happen regularly every day, often there are more situations than you can effectively use.

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How to Make 10-15% Profit Every Month

When the match is complete, you collect your profit which is usually 2-5% of your total wager. An experienced sports arbitrage trader making just a handful of bets every day will realistically earn 10% every month of his or her total bank roll!

Here are the results of the first two months of Arbitrage Trading in early 2008 by Lars, our senior developer. (Of course we use RebelBetting ourselves!)

Arbitrage Profit Month 1 Arbitrage Profit Month 2

As you can see, he achieved a 9% profit the first month even though making a common beginner mistake (the dip). We will teach you how to effectively avoid these in the e-book. The second month ended with over 18% profit. As an added bonus, this profit is tax free in most countries (since most bookmakers are located in regions with no tax on sport betting).

Learning the basics takes a little time, and you need to have money deposited on a few bookmakers, but you can start off as small or big as you like. In the beginning you can just try it out, placing small bets until you’ve become more experienced. After a while you’ll find that placing a bet only takes a few moments of your time every day, and the profits will be anything from a nice side income to a really nice living.

To help you get started, we have published a free e-book that teaches you everything you need to know about sports arbitrage.

Get the Knowledge for Free

The Sports Arbitrage e-book contains everything you need know about Sports Arbitrage, and will guide you through your first arbitrage bet.

Some of the content:

  • An introduction to Sports Arbitrage
  • Why Sports Arbitrage Trading works and how it can give guaranteed profits
  • How to avoid the beginner mistakes almost everyone makes when starting out
  • Why isn’t everyone doing it?
  • The next step to start making money

Get the Tools that Make it Easy to Win

To find the best sports arbitrages you will need to scan hundreds of web pages and thousands of odds every minute, compare them to each other and calculate if the odds result in an arbitrage opportunity or not. RebelBetting is a tool that does all this for you and presents a list of arbitrages with all the information you need. It also helps you place your bets by using the AutoLogin and AutoSurf features that lets you find your odds and place your bets in seconds instead of minutes. Many arbs disappear quickly so this speed is crucial to catch the best opportunities.

Built for speed and ease of use, RebelBetting is the only tool that guides you through the whole betting process, while giving you tips and warnings. It is also completely free to use for as long as you want, letting you bet on arbs up to 0.6% (which is great for learning the software and practice Sports Arbitrage Trading). When you’ve learned the basics, and seen for yourself that you can make some serious money, you’ll want to subscribe to the Pro version that give you access to all arbitrages. The subscription fee is usually covered within just a couple of days of trading.

Sports Arbitrage – Get Started Today!

In short, this is why you should get started with Sports Arbitrage Trading:

  • Average profits of 10-15% every month with just a few hours every week
  • We teach you everything you need to know, and guide you to your first profits
  • You can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet
  • You have nothing to lose, the software and the e-book is free!

Start using the fastest, most user-friendly and most actively developed arbitrage solution today. Remember that you can use RebelBetting Free, for as long as you want. No strings attached!

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Happy Arbing!

Björn Leyonberg
CEO, RebelBetting
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