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  • 1 Week

  • 39

    Paid now: Paid in advance: €39
    After 1 week: €129 monthly (until you cancel).

  • InfoTurns into a monthly subscription at the end of the week. You can cancel at any time.Trial week
  • 1 Month

  • 129/month

    Paid now: Paid in advance: €129
    After 1 month: €129 monthly (until you cancel).

  • InfoOur most popular subscription package. If you don't know what to choose, go for this one!Most popular
  • 6 Months

  • 89/month

    Paid now: Paid in advance: €499
    After 6 months: €89 monthly (until you cancel).

  • InfoYou save €275 (36%) compared to the 1-month option.Save €40 per month
  • 1 Year

  • 69/month

    Paid now: Paid in advance: €799
    After 12 months: €69 monthly (until you cancel).

  • InfoIf you want to minimize your monthly cost, choose this subscription. You save €749 (48%) compared to the 1-month option!Save €60 per month

Who should use RebelBetting?

RebelBetting is the world’s most popular Sports Arbitrage service used by 95,000+ customers. If you regularly want to make a profit of 10-20% every month, then you need RebelBetting.

Can I stop my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time. By doing so, your recurring subscription will be closed and you will not be billed after your initial period.

What are the system requirements?

RebelBetting is a Windows software but can also be run on Mac.

Looking for other options?

Other plans: 3 months, 2 Years.