Cross Market Arbitrages in version 2.5

We are proud to inform you that we have released a new version of RebelBetting with Cross Market Support! Not only can you now bet on regular arbs like 1X2,…

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29 March 2010

RebelBetting 2.0 released

Version 2.0 of RebelBetting has just been released. Instead of just showing a list of arbs, we now present all odds from all bookies for that particular game. This is…

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2 February 2010

RebelBetting on the South Pole!

A few months ago we noted that we have RebelBetting users in all continents of the earth, except Antarctica. Now finally, RebelBetting has conquered all continents of the world! Our…

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21 January 2010

RebelBetting 1.4 released

RebelBetting 1.4 has been released, with much anticipated improvements to the alerts, and a new bookie Bet-At-Home! Improved Alerts Alerts now work as expected, with a balloon alert window popping…

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8 January 2010

E-Book Explains How to Win Every Time

There is a way to bet on sports and profit no matter the outcome of the game. There is a method that effectively turns sports betting into a way of…

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12 October 2009